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History is written after it's happened

Fiction is when the writing comes first

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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:United States of America

27 year old mixed race Arab, asexual, celibate lady with a bigass family and a fondness for giraffes and nail polish. Other things too, probably.
Pretty much anything speculative will suck me in, or ridiculous action/comedic antics based in reality and you've got a steady fangirl. I love me my asshole characters, my awesome ladies, my awesome asshole ladies, and my properly written nerds (or nerds who will be properly written in fandom; same caveat for the ladies, really). I'm a compulsive shipper, of essentially every type of ship possible, but I love my gen and casefic. I am particularly fond of established relationship stories, AUs, what-if or complete, and crossovers/fusions, especially crossroles and the shenanigans that can ensue. I'm a devourer(that's a word now) of pretty much any kind of fanwork, fic, vids, art, comics, etc; and a somewhat theoretical creator of those first two.
Lots of ramblings, usually about fandom-related things, occasionally about real life if there's something big/stressful happening. I have less fannish hobbies like puzzles, embroidery, and baking which I may mention, although I'm highly experienced at linking those to fandom as well. Occasionally I even go outside and talk to people, though more likely I lure them to my home where I don't have to put on a bra for acceptable social interaction.
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